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Friday, October 22, 2010

Help Me Name My Pizza!

Hey everybody! Hope all's well. I know I've been behind on posts--school's been busy and I've had bizarre technical difficulties sending recipes to Anne, but I should be able to get back to a more regular rhythm now.

At any rate, I've still been thinking quite a bit about food, and I now have an opportunity to make my own small dent on the Williams food scene. You see, while the regular dining hall food is generally pretty mediocre (more on that in another post), we do have one wonderful dining option: the '82 Grill. Hidden away in the basement of the student center, the grill offers hot wings, toasted sandwiches and, most notably, pizza. One night's dinner points (the equivalent of $7) will get you a large 1-topping brick-oven pizza and an Italian soda--and while I've certainly had better pies, it's definitely better than what you'd get from most pizzerias. For an extra couple bucks, you can add your own additional toppings ($1 each) or get one of the half-dozen or so specialty pizzas. This is where I (and you) come in.

Jerry, the assistant manager of Williams Dining is a really awesome guy, and he's responsible for making the grill what it is today--almost all the exciting options in toppings (green or kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, etc.) and sauces (pesto cream, buffalo, alfredo, bbq, or olive oil, in addition to red) have been added under his tenure. The addition of specials is new this year, and while all the ones I've tried have been good, I noticed they don't have a pesto special and decided this needed remedying. I pitched the idea below (based on some my mom and I have made together) to him, and he said he'd add it to the menu!

The only problem is that it needs a name. I've been trying to come up with something clever, but all I've gotten so far is the Go Green, Al(l) Green, or Green and Mean--and I think someone could do better. So I'm putting the job to you guys--take a look at the recipe below and see what you can come up with. The best one wins a pizza on me sometime.

Colin's Untitled Pizza
1 pizza crust
1/2 cup pesto or pesto cream*
1-2 cups cooked chicken
1-2 cup spinach, wilted and chopped
1 green pepper, cut into strips or small chunks
Generous shaking of red pepper flakes
1/3 cup mozzerella (can be reduced or omitted)
3 oz feta cheeze
1/4 cup shredded fresh basil (optional)
Oregano, to taste (optional)

1. Spread crust with pesto, leaving space for crust
2. Add spinach, spread to form uniform thin layer
3. Arrange chicken and green pepper uniformly over pizza. Shake on red pepper, to taste
4. Add mozzarella and basil (if using either)
5. Bake at your preferred temperature for pizza (I'm of the as-hot-as-possible school)
6. Remove, immediately add feta and oregano (if using), and allow to cool to preferred eating temperature.

*If you feel like it, get creative with the pesto--I'll have my own recipes for cilantro-tomatillo pesto and and Kale pesto going up soon if you'd like to give those a shot.

If you've got your own unusual pesto recipes, send them along and I'll feature them in this space.

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  1. Fun idea! And the pizza sounds great. All I can think of for a name is "Green Green" (after the H-game and anime series) but I'm sure you can do better than that!

  2. 1. Pizza Verde
    2. Hot Green Chicken Pizza
    3. Pesto Pollo Pepper Pizza
    4. none of the above


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