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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Corn Pancakes Experiment

Well the corn pancakes came out pretty good.  My fresh corn wasn't the best: it was that Georgia stuff we've been getting lately, and I thought the kernels were a little starchy and tough; the pancakes would be greatly improved by using sweet, just-picked corn.  But my husband (Mr. Anonymous from the comments) said they were very good and didn't notice anything amiss about the corn.
Since this was my first serious foray into gluten-free cooking, I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the pancakes: they held together well, and came out light and delicately crisp outside.  The recipe makes far too many pancakes for two people, so I reheated and used them as a side bread, like nan, for a couple of lunches: they were excellent.  The goat-milk yogurt worked well as a substitute for crema or crème fraiche. And the pepper-and-lime juice pico added a nice tart, spicy touch.  I think this dish will be a nice addition to our grazing menu.  The recipe follows as a separate post, to make searching for it easier.

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