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Welcome to Everything Tasty!
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

We Know What You Did On New Year's Eve

 Memories of New Year's Eve a Little Hazy??
Well not for all of you!  You responded to our reader poll*, and now the results are in:
  • 22% cooked at home
  • 56% had dinner in a restaurant
  • 11% went to a party
  • 11% did something else
  • no one went to a club or pub

I'm proud of you guys. It appears that Everything Tasty readers are serious about good food on New Year's, whether they entertain at home or put their money where their mouths are by going out to eat.  If they aren't eating at home or in a restaurant, our readers would rather be at a party with friends or engaged in some other activity, rather than slamming jello shots at a more impersonal venue.  (Well, okay, they probably wouldn't be doing jello shots.  Artisanal gin Negronis, maybe?  But you get the point.)  Here's to another year of living tasty!

*Unfortunately, none of you e-mailed to tell us exactly how and where you spent your New Year's Eve.  I'm still looking for details, and still willing to post the most interesting story we get.

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  1. Starting the year off with Tasty food is
    essential. Food and friends - that's always
    my New Years recipe!


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