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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ButterGirl Baking Co.

ButterGirl Baking Co.
 A while ago, I sat down with Laurelyn Roberts, whose ButterGirl Baking Co.
in Somerville, MA is a delightful new presence on the Southern New England food scene. Laurelyn, a former marketing exec. with Swarovski Austrian Crystal, decided to leave her position in the corporate world to pursue her passion in the very different sphere of baking. She opened ButterGirl recently to loud acclaim, and has been selling her wares—cookies, brownies, tarts and cakes—by speecial order, online and at local Farmers' markets in the greater Boston area.  (See this twitter link for ButterGirl's upcoming events:
Laurelyn brought samples of her work—in a recycled paper bakery box tied with a blue satin ribbon,
which matches the blue in her logo: yes, this lady is a class act.  As we drank tea and chatted, I had the opportunity to try several different delicacies, including chocolate chip cookies taken from the oven less than an hour before.  Mmmm!  I also loved the Brown Sugar Shortbread: very delicate and 
ButterGirl Cookie Assortment
 buttery, as shortbread should ideally be,  but with a subtle complexity provided by the brown sugar.  Chocolate Peppermint cookies were rich and delicious as well.  The biggest surprise, for me, was the sugar cookies: not normally a fan of the plain sugar cookie, I was astonished to find myself gobbling up all the cookies in the sample packet and wishing I had more.  The taste of real butter and authentic, premium-quality vanilla (not to mention the exercise of flawless baking technique) make all the difference.
Laurelyn Roberts
It seems to me ButterGirl represents the wave of the future for boutique food businesses: small and devoutly local, dedicated to high-quality, fresh, handcrafted food items, but yet with both feet firmly planted in the global, online world of  e-commerce, blogging and social media.  It's truly a treat—in every sense of the word—to welcome Laurelyn, her fresh perspective, and her scrumptious creations onto the scene.

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  1. These cookies look really good. I will buy some for sure!

  2. As much as I protested when I first met Laurelyn and was offered a "taste", I fell in love with Buttergirl products at first bite. The brownies are "to die for". Since our first meeting I have called myself Laurelyn's "self-professed" manager. What a find!!


  3. Lauralyn's creations are absolutely spectacular. If you haven't tried her delicious cookies and brownies you haven't had real, home baked goodies. Yum!



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